More than a hunt, it’s a connection.

A collaboration of youth, hunting and conservation organizations, along with ranchers, landowners and state agencies to create a nonprofit program called South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures. The sole purpose is to provide a quality youth doe hunt opportunity with the vision of developing it in to an annual event.

Mentoring is the key to success! SDYHA works hard to create one of the finest mentoring programs with the most dedicated mentors. A great deal of emphasis is put on properly preparing the mentor for his or her role with the hunting youth. Mentoring provides opportunities to forge a relationship with the outdoors and connect with other people.

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The Mentors...

Are experienced hunters within the Black Hills community! They have knowledge, passion and expertise for hunting. They also have something to share. They are a friend, confidant and a guide. They truly care about helping children develop a love for nature and hunting. They are supportive and encouraging, patient, open minded and good listeners. The mentors are willing to give the time and attention that is needed for supporting youth.